Hair Extension Methods

Prior to you committing to having hair extensions, do your research study. You are spending good cash as well as it is important to adhere to these guidelines when choosing the right stylist;

1. A lot of credible stylists will certainly use a totally free consultation to review your suitability for the installation. Utilize this possibility to ask any questions or issues.
2. Ask to see samples and ask where the hair is sourced. There are various hair types, one of the most popular being Indian Remy (follicle appropriate). Hair that is not follicle right will certainly matt as well as entangle. If the rate seems also affordable it usually suggests the hair is too!
3. Your stylist must supply proof of their work – beware if they do not have ‘before as well as after pictures’
4. Ensure the stylist is a professionally skilled hairdresser – the hair extensions may be perfect, yet cutting poorly can be devastating.
5. Your stylist must clarify how to preserve your new locks and provide 4-6 weekly maintenance checks.

There are 2 main kinds of hair extension application approaches – Weft as well as Strand by Hair Here we clarify some of the prominent application approaches which will help you decide which type is best for you and your way of life.


Warm Blend: Little weight dispersed hairs of pre-bonded extensions are connected individually to equivalent sized areas of your own hair utilizing a polymer, wax or keratin protein and heat. The bonds are thawed to your natural hair with a heat port as well as rolled whilst still cozy to create a tiny cylinder shape. Bonds are eliminated utilizing a dissolvent as well as elimination device. Suitable for the majority of hair types other than weak fragile hair. Lasts 3-5 months

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion (CFT): Little weight dispersed strands of pre-bonded extensions are connected individually to equivalent sized sections utilizing keratin healthy protein and also ultrasound waves rather than warm. The bonds are softened and also sealed conveniently level to your all-natural hair. Bonds are gotten rid of with an oil based dissolvent as well as elimination device. Suitable for all hair kinds. Lasts 3-5 months

Mono Fiber: Mono Fibre Extensions are put on your all-natural hair in little sections making use of the C2 innovation, which generates mild controlled warmth as well as makes a small unseen seal, holding the expansions in place at the roots. No bonding representatives are made use of and customers can be conveniently gotten rid of safely in the house. Suitable for all hair kinds. Lasts about 3 months.

Micro-Ring/ Micro Hyperlinks: Small weight dispersed strands of pre-bonded stick-tip hair are affixed hair by hair to equivalent sized sections of your hair – utilizing a lock hook tool your all-natural hair is pulled through a tiny metallic ring and pinched level near the origin. Removal is very easy using unique pliers to launch the ring. Ideal for many hair types except weak or very fine hair. Lasts 3-5 months.

Shrink Tubes/ Shrinkies: Small weight dispersed sections of extension hair are attached one by one to small areas of your very own hair using small plastic tubes. Heat is put on the bonds to shrink them limited to the hair near the root. Shrinkies are gotten rid of by reheating the bond and also an oil based dissolvent to eliminate any type of excess polymer. Appropriate for most hair types except brittle or really great hair. Lasts 3-5 months.

Micro Braids: A technique of hair extension application very popular in afro hair kinds. Tiny sections of loose hair are carefully entwined right into sections of your own hair using a tiny 3 hair braid. Because of the intricacy of this procedure it can take 10 hrs to finish. Lasts about 3 months.

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